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Universal Pylon -with 48" or 60" Flag Pole

Mounting to Pylon Ski Tow

Fits most Pylon Ski Pole

The Universal Plyon Ski Tow mounts to existing ski poles. Our flag mount will work on your exiting tow point. This is installed by unscrewing the top tow point piece and replaceing it with ours. This can still be used to tow. If you do not have an allen screw and your piece is solid metal you can drill a 5/16 hole and tap with a 3/8-16".


48" or 60" Pole 1/8" thick Aluminum with Powder Coat Finish or Polished Finish for a 3' x 5' Flag

1-Mounting Adapter For Mounting on Plyon Ski Tow Point 

2- Oval Connecting Link for Flag (FLAG NOT INCLUDED)

1- Clevis PIn

1-Mounting Bolt with lock washer


Universal Pylon -with 48" or 60" Flag Pole